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Why Sell Your Note?



Some Reasons Selling Notes

  • Not wanting to wait 15, 20 or even 30 years for your money
  • Needing cash for an emergency such as medical care
  • To pay off high interest debt(s)
  • To capitalize on a great investment opportunity

For more on how a notes buyer prices a note, visit our notes buyer page.

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Less Obvious Reasons You Might Want to A Lump Sum For Your Payments

  • Eliminate the risks associated with holding private notes such as:
    • Declining Real Estate values
    • Deteriorating economy and increasing job losses
  • Eliminate the hassles of managing the borrower, such as
    • Collecting monthly payments
    • Maintaining detailed documentation of payments, etc. in case you ever need to cash out
    • Monitoring the buyer's property taxes to be sure they are current
    • Keeping tabs on the buyer's hazard insurance in order to be sure a) They are up to date on their payments and b) Thay are maintaining sufficient coverage for the property (collateral for your asset/note)
    • Monitoring the security (property) for your note to insure it is maintained to be sure the buyer has not moved out and at best is renting the property out to someone else
    • Checking courthouse records regularly to be sure the owner has not taken a second out creating a second lien on the property
  • Cashing out your long future stream of income before what many financial experts are predicting will be a period of significant inflation resulting from all the government spending as well as massive injections of money into the economy by the Fed

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What Information will a Note Buyer Need for a Quote for Selling A Note?

Most note purchasers will ask for the information below so as to provide you with a quote:

1. The selling price of the property

2. The amount of down payment (cash)

3. The original face amount

4. The interest rate as well as the amortization period

5. If there is a baloon payment and if so what is the date of the balloon payment?

6. The amount due at the balloon period

7. The date of the first payment

8. The Current note balance, although we can usually calculate it if there have been no extra monies paid

9. Your best estimate of the buyer(s) credit

10. Is the property occupied by your buyers?

11. The type property, i.e. Single Family Residence, mobile home, commercial property as well as the type property

12. The address of the home or business and any special information you think would be pertinent

13. The current estimated value for the property

14. Have the payments been on time and can you document them


What Documents Do Most Note Buyers Require Once A Quote Is Accepted and I'm ready to Sell My Payments?

Most Real Estate Note Buyers will require a) A copy of the original note (they will eventually need the original to close a sale), b) a copy of the Deed of Trust or Mortgage depending on the state, c) Proof of payments (hand written receipts will not suffice), d) the closing statement, e) copy of the initial title work if available as well as the title policy if available and f) Social Security number and address if not the same as the property in order to pull credit. Note: These documents will not be required for a quote, at least not by us.





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